From the farm to the cup, we’ll teach you coffee.

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Barista Training

For professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Here at Coffee Craft Training Academy we have a fully equipped training studio to suit all of your coffee and café training needs.

All Skill Levels

We offer courses to suit all skill levels and applications from the home enthusiast looking to develop their skills through to employed Baristas looking to hone their craft.

Your Place or Ours

We are also able to train your staff on site, allowing our trainers to contextualise the training to suit your specific needs and setup.

Fully Customisable

All of our current courses can be run one on one, or adjusted to suit groups of people. Looking to run a staff training day, or couple of hour activity? Why not consider doing a customised farm to cup experience that everyone can enjoy. From a couple of hours to a full day, Coffee Craft Training Academy has you covered.

Fully Accredited

At Coffee Craft Training Academy, our training is fully accredited. Ask us more about this today!

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