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/ˈpatɪəʊ/ noun

The name Patio has been derived from the large clay and cement patios typically found all over coffee growing regions of the world used to dry coffee.
The coffee on the patios is shifted every 30 – 40 minutes and is shaped into long rows. Next to each row is open ground which is warmed and dried by the sun. The coffee is shifted into the dry portion of the patio and the section where it was previously is now allowed to dry in the sun. This helps accelerate the coffee drying process and prevents fermentation.

Patio Coffee Roasters has formed relationships with micro-lot farms and local collaborations to bring you some of the best specialty coffees from all over the world.

We profile roast these beautiful aromatic coffee beans and present them to our customers so their patrons can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee.

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Patio offers barista training for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Barista Training