Pullman Distribution Tool (Chisel) 58.00mm



Reduce channeling and pull better shots with the Pullman Chisel 58mm. This distribution tool is designed to compress grounds downward and sideways, ensuring your espresso grounds are perfectly even and level for tamping.

The magic of this tool is found in the ‘Chisel’ shape. Starting at only 6% foot print surface (compared to the less accurate 30% of other tools), this tool spins rapidly to ensure no area of your grounds is more dense than the next. This reduces occurences of uneven extraction and helps you pull more balanced shots.

The stainless steel chisel is durable and will serve you for years. And since the spinning surfaces are both stainless steel, there’s very little friction, which reduces wrist strain over time. Despite the steel build, the Pullman Chisel is a mere 431g, making it easy and quick for your baristas to handle.