Wacaco Nanopresso Barista Kit


Take your portable espresso game to the next level with the Nanopresso Barista Kit. This accessory bundle for the Wacaco Nanopresso enables you to pull full double shots, gives you extra coffee filter baskets for rapid shot pulling, and puts it all in a travel-ready carrying case.


Your Nanopresso Improved – A kit designed to turn your Nanopresso into a more powerful, more capable portable espresso brewer.

Extended Water Tank – Raises the water limit from 80ml to 140ml to enable you to pull double shots.

Double Shot Filter Baskets – Ships with two 16g filter baskets and an adapter that allows you to pull a full double shot, rather than being limited to the original 8g basket.

An Extra Single Shot Basket – Comes with an additional 8g filter basket to give you a total of two 8g baskets and two 16g baskets.

Specialized Tamp – An improved tamp allows you to more easily and consistently tamp the grounds.

Carrying Case – All accessories fit neatly into a carrying case the same size of the original Nanopresso, making them travel-ready.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Large Water Tank (140 ml)
  • 1 x Larger Espresso Cup
  • 2 x Double Espresso Filter Baskets (16g)
  • 1 x Single Espresso Filter Basket (8g)
  • 1 x Double Espresso Adapter Ring
  • 1 x Tamp


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